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What's the Difference

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: What’s The Difference?

When hiring a cleaning service, one of the first things you should know is the difference between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning. A good house cleaning service can offer you a wide range of services. But when you’re given multiple options, it becomes harder to choose which one you need. Two of the most common cleaning services that are provided for you are regular cleaning and deep cleaning.

Keep reading to know more about the difference between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning.

Difference Between Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning Explained

Regular Cleaning When you hire a house cleaning service for “regular cleaning”, it usually involves your usual weekly cleaning tasks. The main purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a certain level of cleanliness around your house.

Generally, regular house cleanings will cost you less when compared to deep cleanings. However, since regular cleaning is more about maintenance, it’s usually done based on a schedule. For instance, the cleaning service can come over to your house every two weeks or once a month, depending on your needs.

Deep Cleaning vs Regular Weekly Cleaning

The tasks included between regular cleaning and deep cleaning are almost identical.

Don’t misunderstand, just because it’s for maintenance, it doesn’t mean that the important tasks will be skipped over. When it comes to the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning, both are comprehensive, but the latter is more detailed and extreme.

Here are some of the common tasks included with regular cleaning:

Floors are swept, cleaned, and mopped Carpets and rugs are vacuumed Surfaces (including fixtures and appliances) are wiped for dust Mirrors and windows are wiped down Everything in the shower/bathroom is cleaned and disinfected Everything in the kitchen is cleaned including cooktops and appliances Remove and prevent bacteria growth (e.g., mould, mildew, etc.) Doors and window frames are cleaned Vents dusted Trash is taken out. Beds are made, and Cobwebs removed

Deep Cleaning, the main difference between your regular cleaning and deep cleaning is the attention to detail. While regular cleaning is for cleanliness upkeep, deep cleaning is more extensive than your standard weekly clean.

Deep cleans involve a complete rubdown and giving attention to the often neglected and hard-to-reach spots. Anything inside your home that can be reached with a stool will be hand-wiped. Besides the in-depth approach, this type of cleaning also improves the overall sanitation and lovability of your living space.

Most cleaning companies require a deep clean if you’re a first-time customer. Thereafter, you can set a schedule for regular cleanings.

Another noteworthy difference between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning is the price. Deep cleans are always more expensive than regular home cleaning and take longer as well.

When Do You Need to Deep Clean? The tasks between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning are almost the same but with a more detailed approach. Here are the ideal situations when you need a deep clean:

Most cleaning companies have a standard rule that your first-time cleaning should be a deep clean. When your house needs a spring cleaning. If you’re planning to host an event or party, deep cleaning is a great way to prepare your space for your guests. If you’re moving out of a flat or house deep cleaning ensures that you’ll get your security deposit. If you’re planning to sell your old home, deep cleaning is a must for staging and making your property more attractive to potential buyers.

Regular Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning: Which is Right for You? 

When it’s your first time, it’s always a good idea to schedule a deep clean. Right after, you can hire them to perform regular cleaning weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – it’s up to you.

To know more about the distinction between regular cleaning vs deep cleaning, feel free to make inquiries with the professionals. BP cleaning ltd is a professional house cleaning service based in Runnymede and Elmbridge we offer you a wide range of cleaning services including regular and deep cleaning. We are All over Surrey and the Home Counties.

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5 Warning Signs That Your House Cleaning Service Is Untrustworthy 


Warning Sign That Your House Cleaning Service Is Untrustworthy.

Bp cleaning Ltd is a local, house cleaning service. We aim to be the best Domestic and commercial service through our high-quality cleaning service. Our staff are all local, long-term residents and strive to provide exceptional customer service. We provide unsurpassed residential cleaning services to our area neighbours. Hiring a house cleaning service is a great way to save yourself from the headaches of cleaning your home. However, you have to remember that the house cleaning industry is full of untrustworthy people. Just because you see someone carrying a mop and bucket, it doesn’t mean that they are legitimate house cleaners. Today, we want to arm you with information to help detect the warning signs and make the right decision when hiring a house cleaning service. We have created a list of the biggest warning signs that you should look for when hiring a house cleaning service. This guide is especially helpful if you’re taking bids and weighing your options.


5 Warning Signs of an Untrustworthy House Cleaning Service1. Operating Under the Radar If a company or individual hints that they’re operating “under the radar”, there’s a great chance that you’re not dealing with a legitimate house cleaning service. Many so-called cleaning services do this because it allows them to avoid taxes and detection from the HMRC. A legitimate business does business honestly. Shady businesses knowingly break the law. Sure, you’ll likely pay less when hiring a shady cleaning company but it’s not worth it in the long run. And this brings us to the next warning sign.


Not Insured What happens if your cleaner breaks or damages something while cleaning? What if an accident happens because of a slippery floor or something is aww a stolen? How can you make good on your losses? A legitimate house cleaning company invests in liability insurance and bonding. For a house cleaner, it costs less than £500 to acquire a year’s worth of liability insurance. For bonding, your average house cleaner will spend about £200-£500. Insurance is important because it is used to protect the company from lawsuits and also protect you from damage, injury, and theft. If a cleaning service can’t be bothered to make such minimal investment, how can you trust them?


Not Registered with Company's House. Trustworthiness is the most important quality to consider when hiring a house cleaning service. After all, your cleaners will be inside your house and in every room. Therefore, you want to hire a cleaning service who are registered and held accountable by HMRC or Trading Standards. Because who knows if that is not the only thing there not doing correctly.


Cleaning Price is Too Low You may think that you’ve hit the jackpot after finding a house cleaning service at a very low price. If it sounds too good to be true, maybe it is. The low price will usually come from a company with no shortage of warning signs. Additionally, you have to keep an eye for cleaners who underbid. Many shady cleaning businesses will underbid but then raise the price during or after the job Besides, if you choose the cheapest cleaning service around and you’re not satisfied, you end up spending more for cleaning done right.


The Cleaner is Actually a Subcontractor/Referral Service Many so-called house cleaning companies take shortcuts. As opposed to hiring and training employees, these companies will simply pass your work to independent subcontractors – a fact that they will try to hide. Unfortunately, these subcontractors rarely have insurance. Also, there’s a good chance that the referral company violates the law because they can’t pass HMRC tests. To protect yourself from this practice, double-check if the house cleaning service employs the cleaners as employees. Find a House Cleaning Service That You Can Trust With these warning signs, you can detect whether or not a house cleaning service is worth your time and money. After all, you want a cleaning job that’s done right and worth the investment. if you’re in the market for a professional house cleaning company in Runnymede, Elmbridge, Spelthorne and Surrounding areas with a good track record and has been in the industry in some way for years, get in touch with us at Bp cleaning ltd. We are insured and consist of a great team of trained house cleaning techs. Get your quote today.

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