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Professional or Cheap?

Published on 3 October 2022 at 05:59

Professional House Cleaner VS An Individual: The Great Debate

So, you’ve decided to hire a house cleaning service instead of doing it yourself?
Congratulations, you can finally let go of the stress associated with a messy home.
With that said, one of the most common dilemmas that people have about house cleaners is whether
to hire a professional house cleaner or an independent house cleaner.
Finding the house cleaning service that best fits your needs is a big decision.
Some people choose to hire a professional house cleaner while some prefer to hire an independent cleaner.
Each option has its fair share of pros and cons.
Which one is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do You Value Attention to Detail?
If you want a detailed cleaning every time, a professional house cleaner is your best bet.
That’s not saying that an independent cleaner is not capable of providing a detailed job.
Many independent house cleaners build up a client base by providing high-quality service.
However, you may also run into so-called house cleaners that render mediocre service for a quick payday.
On the other hand, a professional house cleaner company trains all its employees on how to best clean
your house. Plus, a house cleaning company ensures that they meet the high standards.
that are set for them. With a professional house cleaner,
you’re consistently receiving a personalized clean up job.

2. Is Availability Important to You?
Let’s say you have an upcoming event, and you need your house cleaned. However,
you find out that your independent contractor is not available to come on your preferred date.
This could be due to reasons like she’s booked for that day or she’s sick. Regardless of the reason, you’re left high and dry and will be forced to hire someone else – someone you don’t know.
In comparison, you won’t have this type of problem with a professional house cleaner service. The professionals have multiple people in their team which means that you can rely on them whenever the need arises.

3. Will You Be the House Cleaner’s Employer?
If you’re going to hire an independent cleaner, you may run into some trouble with taxes. However, using a Professional Cleaning service such as BP Cleaning Ltd Are a registered. This ensures that everything is all legal and taxes are paid. 
Almost always, an independent cleaner will charge less compared to a professional house cleaner. However, you have to ask yourself:  Do I want a criminal record?  Could I be unknowingly implemented in assisting, in your independent cleaner in committing heinous crimes against the crown? Is your Cleaner committing Benefit fraud? 

Surely one rule for one. One rule for all right?

4. Do You Want to Be Protected from Cleaning Mishaps?
So, who’s paying if cleaning mishaps occur resulting in broken property or someone getting hurt? Well, you probably don’t want it to be you. If an independent cleaner gets injured, it’s your liability because no company provides them, with liability insurance and worker’s compensation.
Most professional house cleaner companies are properly insured. This means that you’re not financially responsible if someone gets injured or something gets broken. A good professional house cleaner also performs background checks on all of their employees. Can you say the same with the “cleaning lady” that comes to your house each week?

Hire a Professional House Cleaner Now!
Whether you hire a professional house cleaner or an individual, there’s really no wrong decision. (Until your questioned under Caution) 
However, you have to ask what’s important to you when it comes to house cleaning. If the price is the most important criteria for you,
then by all means, go for an independent cleaner. However, if you value things like customized care, 
safety, availability, and trustworthiness, you’re better off with a professional house cleaner like BP Cleaning Ltd.
BP Cleaning Ltd are striving to be the top professional house cleaning company in Surrey, 
with a view to conquer the South of England and then the world. When you choose BP Cleaning Ltd,
you can rest assured that your home is in capable hands.
At the core of what we at BP Cleaning Ltd believe,
is that companies should look after their employees and give back.
We believe that companies and their employees should have a mutually beneficial relationship.
At BP Cleaning Ltd, we expect our employees to perform their duties to an exceptional standard
and to be professional at all times but,
in return we provide them with the tools and the knowledge to achieve their personal goals.
For example, we have employees we are assisting with learning to drive or gaining qualifications
through higher education. This is further demonstrating what we say with our motto.
"Improving your life, helps us improve our own."

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