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Lessons Well Learned

BP Cleaning Ltd is a local, non-franchise, house cleaning service. We aim to be the best Domestic Cleaning Service through our high-quality cleaning service. Our staff are all local, long-term residents and strive to provide exceptional customer service. With our office location in Addlestone, we're able to provide unsurpassed residential cleaning services to our area neighbours. Keeping your house nice is a monumental chore. This is especially true if you’re working full-time and have little children or pets. If you struggle with your housekeeping to-dos, you have likely considered hiring a professional and wondered about the house cleaning price.

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Professional or Cheap?

So, you’ve decided to hire a house cleaning service instead of doing it yourself?Congratulations, you can finally let go of the stress associated with a messy home.With that said, one of the most common dilemmas that people have about house cleaners is whetherto hire a professional house cleaner or an independent house cleaner.Finding the house cleaning service that best fits your needs is a big decision.Some people choose to hire a professional house cleaner while some prefer to hire an independent cleaner. Each option has its fair share of pros and cons.Which one is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions.

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